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James Elledge

James Elledge is telling your story one photo at a time!

James Elledge's Bio:

James Elledge started his photographic career at San Diego City College where he was trained in the traditional form with black and white film in the dark room. That is where he discovered my one true passion and finally found my calling in life. He then went on to working at Nelson Photo where he absorbed all the knowledge he could about the equipment so he could better help the customers with their purchases and even teaching lessons. At Nelson Photo is where he found his appreciation for printing outside of the darkroom. The next step along his path was working for a multimedia company as the photographer at PassmoreLab where he continued to learn and hone his skills with such projects ranging from a 3D caving documentary "Inner Earth" to 3D music videos for various artists including Sammy Hagar. After three years with PassmoreLab it was time to pursue his original goal with a full education and earning a BFA in photography and three short years later here he is with a full bachelors degree from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. At the Academy he found his direction in photography shooting editorial, portraits, lifestyle and outerwear.

James Elledge's Experience:

James Elledge's Education:

James Elledge's Interests & Activities:

Outdoor activities such as snowboarding, hiking, wakeboarding, hunting, shooting sports. I like to work with my hands and create DIY projects. If i'm outside or being creative then I am in my happy place!

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